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Dog up to 10 kg are welcome are welcome in all our rooms, with the only ecception of our Fashion Suites, with a little supplement of 20 € per day.
Laguna Palace Laguna Faro

A Locavore Menu

Grado’s pesce azzurro, small fish filled with powerful omegas, are the star of boreto, a fisherman favourite dish invented long before the discovery of America and the arrival of the tomato in Italy. There is an abundance of shellfish, savoury white polenta, asparagus from Fossalon, peaches from Fiumicello, and celebrated wines from Collio. Gastronomy from the Fruili region is present on our tables every day, starting with the fresh catch that Grado’s fishermen haul in every morning.

The Laguna Palace offers locally sourced, quality ingredients transformed into a selection of Grado’s finest recipes.

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